Championship Structure

The 2018-2019 Tour will be made up of a number of Championship level and Tour level events prior to the season ending with the 2018-2019 Match Racing World Championship. Tour level events are open for all non-Tour Card teams where the top two finishers will qualify to the corresponding Championship level event.

The events prior to the World Championship are used to create a leaderboard from which the top 12 teams are invited to the Final. The number of events to count on the leaderboard is equal to the number of Championship level events prior to the Finals minus one (i.e. one discard). Points will be counted from both Championship level and Tour level events.


Event Formats

Championship Level Events
12 invites will be given, made up of 6 Tour Card teams, 4 Qualifying teams and 2 Wild Card teams.

Qualifying Stage
12 teams will be split to two groups of six to compete in a fleet racing series. The top three teams from each group will progress directly to the Quarter Final stage and the bottom three will move to the Repechage stage.

Repechage Stage
Fifth and sixth placed teams from their qualifying group will compete in a match racing knockout. The losers will leave the competition and the winner will face the fourth placed team from their qualifying group. The losing teams will leave the competition and the winning teams will progress to the Quarter Final stage.

Quarter Final Stage and beyond
The teams will be seeded following their result in the Qualifying stage, where the winners of each group shall be ranked first and second, and so on.

Straight knockout racing now begins in a scheduled first-to-three wins format until the Finals stage when the event champion will be decided.

Tour Level Events
Up to 10 invitations will be given to Tour level events, with the top 8 finishing positions ONLY scoring points on the Championship Leaderboard.

Qualifying Stage
A double round robin will pair each team against every other team twice, and produce a seeding order going into the knockout stages.

Knockout Stages
Time dependent, knockout stages will begin with either a Quarter Final or Semi Final stage. Knockouts will continue until an event winner is decided. The top two teams will gain qualification to the corresponding Championship level event.

Tour Card System 2018-2019

Six Tour Cards are allocated for the 2018-2019 WMRT season. A Tour Card offers an invitation to a skipper to all events on the WMRT schedule.

The Tour Cards are offered in the following order:

  • 1st and 2nd placed skippers at the 2017 Match Racing World Championship
  • Top three placed skippers on the 2017 WMRT leaderboard
  • Top skipper on the World Sailing match race ranking

Where a Tour card has already been allocated to a skipper, the offer moves to the next chronological skipper in that section.

Championship Points System

All finishers will be awarded points at both Championship level and Tour level events.


The number of events which teams may count points from on the WMRT leaderboard will be equal to the number of Championship level events prior to the World Championship minus one (i.e. one discard). So if there are six events in total (including the World Championship) then teams may count points from four events. Teams may count points from both Tour level and Championship level events.

The top 12 teams on the WMRT Championship Leaderboard following the penultimate event of the season will be invited to the Match Racing World Championship.


Championship points are awarded as follows:

wdt_ID Finishing Position Championship Level Event Tour Level Event
1 1 40 12
2 2 36 11
3 3 33 10
4 4 30 9
5 5 24 8
6 6 22 7
7 7 20 6
8 8 18 5
9 9 14 4
10 10 13 3


All Championship level events will be limited to 12 entries, with the exception of monohull events which can have up to 16 entries, all of which will score points on the Championship leaderboard.