Championship Structure

The 2017 Tour will be made up of a number of World Championship level (WC) events prior to the season ending WMRT Finals.

The events prior to the WMRT Finals are used to create a leaderboard from which the top 16 teams are invited to the final event. The number of events to count on the leaderboard is equal to the number of World Championship Events prior to the WMRT Finals minus one (i.e. one discard).


The winner of the WMRT Finals is the Match Racing World Champion.

Events that act as qualifying events, World Tour level (WT) events, to the World Championship Events will also carry points that may count on the leaderboard.




Event Formats

We are currently planning to have a mix of multihull and monohull events during the 2017 Championship. The monohull events will run along previous lines with 10-12 teams and using round robin match racing for Qualifying before first to three-point Quarter, Semi and Final knockouts.

The multihull events will be raced in the M32 catamaran and will invite up to 24 teams to compete. There will be five racing days and one sponsor day accordingly to the list on the right. Racing on the first two days will consist of three-hour morning and afternoon sessions.

The knockouts will be based on continuous racing with starts every fifteen minutes until the program for the day is completed. The aim is to have one race finishing as the next race starts. Target time for races will be 8-14 minutes.

  • Day One and Two – Fleet race Qualifying in Groups. Each Group sails 6-8 races.
  • Day Three – Bottom two from each Group compete in a sail-off to decide who moves on to the Super 16 knockout. Top three from each Group join the sail-off winners in a 16 team, first to three-point, knockout. 1v16, 2v15, 3v14 etc.
  • Day Four – Sponsor day and remaining races from the Super 16 Knockout.
  • Day five – Quarter-Finals and start of Semi-Finals (knockout format).
  • Day six – Finish Semi-Finals and complete Final/Petit-Final (knockout format).


Race Course

Race courses will be along the same lines as used at the Americas Cup World Series events with a 2-minute pre-start for match racing and a reaching start followed by a number of downwind and upwind legs between windward and leeward gates. The finish line will be placed as close to the onshore spectator zone as is possible.

Qualifying Events

There will be up to three Qualifying events for each World Championship Event on the Tour. Invites are controlled by WMRT.
See all current events HERE

M32 Match Racing License

All crew members are required to hold an M32 Racing License. These can be obtained through an M32 Racing Academy and cost US$1,000 per license.

Please contact Lars Linger for more details and to discuss individual requirements.

Tour Card System

We have retained a Tour Card Holder system for 10 teams.
Tour Cards for the 2017 season are allocated as follows:
• The finalist from the 2016 WMRT Finals.
• The next three from the 2016 leaderboard including the 2016 WMRT Finals.
• The next two from the World Match Race Rankings.
• Three Tour Cards allocated to teams on application. Deadline 12 September 2016.
• Decision on Tour Cards by 7th October.

WT Event Invitations

In addition to the 10 Tour Card Holders, there may be up to four teams invited from each Qualifying event depending on the entry limit for the World Championship Event. There will also be at least two Wild Card invites.

If less than three Qualifying events are held there may be an increased number of Wild Cards.

Championship Points System

The Championship Points System will award points from 1st to 24th for the World Championship Events (WCE) and from 1st to 8th for the World Tour Events (WTE). The World Tour Events will act as Qualifiers to specified World Championship Events.


The number of events that teams may count points from on the WMRT leaderboard will be equal to the number of World Championship Events prior to the WMRT Finals minus one (i.e. one discard). So if there are six events in total (including the WMRT Finals) then teams may count points from four events. Teams may count points from WT and WC level events.

The top 16 teams on the WMRT leaderboard following the penultimate event of the season will be invited to the WMRT Finals.


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World Tour Events which qualify teams into World Championship Events may or may not have prize money.