July 4th - 8th

GKSS Match Cup Sweden Women’s Trophy

GKSS Match Cup Sweden Women’s Trophy 2018

Host venue

Marstrand, Sweden

Back by popular demand is the women’s competition at GKSS Match Cup Sweden. Running a women’s competition alongside the open match racing in Marstrand is not a new concept, but never before have they competed in the same boats and in the same arena. The women’s competition will be fought out in the high-performance M32 catamarans on the same race course as the open competition, giving maximum exposure and viewing opportunities for both competitions.

Dating back to 1999, the Women’s Class at Match Cup Sweden was dominated by Scandinavians in the early years. After a two year break, competition restarted and an international field stormed Marstrand from Europe, Australia and even Russia. The defending champion of the Women’s class from when it was last sailed in 2013 is America’s Stephanie Roble. Due to Olympic campaign schedules, Stephanie will not be attending this year’s event.

Five female teams battling to take the trophy this year are made up of WMRT regulars, M32 Series and M32 World Championship competitors and several who are new to the class. This wide array of all highly skilled sailors will ensure the GKSS Women’s Trophy is hotly contested this July.

Past winners

1999 – Dorte O. Jensen (DEN)
2000 – Dorte O. Jensen (DEN)
2001 – Dorte O. Jensen (DEN)
2002 – Marie Björling (SWE)
2003 – Marie Björling (SWE)
2004 – Marie Björling (SWE)
2005 – Malin Millbourn (SWE)
2008 – Claire Leroy (FRA)
2009 – Katie Spithill (AUS)
2010 – Ekaterina Skudina (RUS)
2011 – Claire Leroy (FRA)
2013 – Stephanie Roble (USA)



All 5 teams will compete in a fleet race series. The top 3 will progress to the Semi Final Stage.


The 4th & 5th placed teams from the Qualifying Stage will battle in a first-to-3 point knockout, with the winner progressing to take the final place in the Semi Final Stage.


In the Semi Final Stage, the winner of the Qualifying Stage will pick their opponent, leaving the remaining 2 to battle. The winners will progress to the Final, the losers to a Petit Final. Semi Final and Final stages will be first-to-3 point series, with the the Petit Final a first-to-2.

Course Layout

Confirmed Skippers

Anna Östling 
Team Anna

Renee Groeneveld

Fusion Racing

Olivia Mackay

Mirpuri Foundation Team


Please stay tuned for upcoming results for this event!