March 20th - 25th

Match Cup Australia

WMRT Match Cup Australia 2017

Host venue

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Perth


Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, affectionately known around the world as “Freshie”, has a stunning location on a promontory above the Swan River, which provides a natural amphitheatre ideally suited to “stadium sailing”. As hosts of Match Cup Australia, you can be sure that this will be a great event.

Courses on Freshwater Bay will be tight, making for some very close quarter racing, which should keep the spectators on the edge of their seats. This area of the Swan river is blessed with flat water whatever the direction and strength of the breeze, so we can expect to see some big burts of speed if the fabled Fremantle Doctor seabreeze puts in an appearance.

Freshie is a club that has a huge reputation for hospitality and they will be welcoming those who want to come and watch the action. It is a club that some of the world’s greatest sailors frequent, so you could find yourself standing at the bar shoulder-to-shoulder with an Olympic Gold Medallist or a Sydney to Hobart winner.

Tour Card Skippers


Nicklas Dackhammar (ESSIQ Racing Team)

Torvar Mirsky (Mirsky Racing Team)

Måns Holmberg (Team Holmberg)

David Gilmour (Team Gilmour)

Steven Thomas (RPM Racing)

Evan Walker (KA Match)

George Anyon (RNZYS Performance Program)

Wild Card Invites

Matt Jerwood (Redline Racing)

Pieter-jan Postma (Sailing Team NL)

Jonas Warrer (TBC)