March 16th - 18th

WMRT Perth Match Cup

WMRT Perth Match Cup 2017

Host venue

Perth, Australia

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, affectionately known around the world as “Freshie”, has a stunning location on a promontory above the Swan River, which provides a natural amphitheatre ideally suited to “stadium sailing”. As hosts of the Perth Match Cup, you can be sure that this will be a great event.

The competition for the Perth Math Cup is going to be fierce, with the last two places in the Championship level Match Cup Australia up for grabs. With skippers coming from New Zealand, Malaysia and Russia to add to the Australian talent, there will be no easy matches in this event.

Courses on Freshwater Bay will be tight, making for some very close quarters racing, which should keep the spectators on the edge of their seats. This area of the Swan river is blessed with flat water whatever the direction and strength of the breeze, so we can expect to see some big busts of speed if the fabled Fremantle Doctor seabreeze puts in and appearance.

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Confirmed Skippers

Evan Walker (KA Match/CYCA)

Gemma Jones (GJ Racing)

Robbie Gibbs (Royal Perth Yacht Club)

Jeremy Koo (Koo Racing)

George Anyon (RNZYS Performance)

Will Boulden (Alpha Racing Team)

Will Dargaville (Rogue Racing)

Steve Thomas (RPM Racing)

Brett Burvill (Edge Racing)

Victor Serezhkin (Gazprom Team Russia)