Important milestones


A 32 foot catamaran

Aston Harald AB is a private company located on the island of Hönö outside Gothenburg, Sweden. The company owns and manages the M32 Series, a racing circuit for the M32 catamaran with events currently in the USA and Europe.

Aston Harald Composite AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aston Harald AB owns and manufacturers the M32, a 9.68m carbon fibre racing catamaran designed by Göran Marström and Kåre Ljung. The company has its production facilities also located on the island of Hönö.


May 2012

Launched in Scandinavia

M32 Series was launched in Scandinavia as a regional event to promote the M32 high-performance catamaran. The event captured the attention of many professional sailors including Swedish Olympic champion Freddie Lööf.

February 2013

The North American market

With the success and the exposure of the M32 Series in Scandinavia, the event attracted the sailing community in the North American market. As a result, a regional series was created with three events across the North America.


December 2013

Keen sailor and businessman

Sailing enthusiast and business entrepreneur, Håkan Svensson bought the rights to the M32 high-performance catamaran from Marström Composite AB.

May 2014

More professional sailors

M32 Series Scandinavia, and the M32 Series North America attracted more professional sailors into the series. The M32 Series is known to be fun and challenging but also aims to attract the best sailors and their sponsors.


June 2014

Aston Harald Composite AB

Aston Harald Composite AB was formed to manage the production of the M32 high-performance catamaran. Both designers Göran Marström and Kåre Ljung were brought in to oversee the quality of the production.

December 2014

Sydney Harbour

The M32 high-performance catamaran made its preview in Sydney Harbour, Australia to launch the M32 Series programme within that region.

January 2015

M32 Series Miami

North America expanded the series with the introduction of M32 Series Miami, forming of four regional events.


July 2015

World Match Racing Tour

Aston Harald AB acquired the World Match Racing Tour and introduced the M32 high-performance catamaran into its sailing programme. The acquisition marks a major step forward for the World Match Racing Tour with the introduction of the one-design M32 high-performance catamarans.

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December 2015

The M32 production

A brand new 3,700 sqm climate-controlled purpose-built facility on the island of Hönö, Gothenburg is launched to build and facilitate the M32 production. The M32 World is launched to create a doorway to a unique sailing experience. The objective of the M32 World is to deliver the brand experience of buying and owning an M32 high-performance catamaran – from design to production, to private owner racing to professional racing regattas



Design to production

M32 World embraces the passion and brand experience of buying and owning an M32 high-performance catamaran. From design to production, to private owner racing to professional racing regattas, M32 World is your doorway to a unique sailing experience.