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WMRT Match Cup Russia

WMRT Match Cup Russia

1 Robertson CHINA ONE NINGBO 1 1 1 3
2 Gilmour NEPTUNE RACING 0 0 0 0

Petit Final

1 Williams GAC PINDAR 1 0 1 2
2 Jerwood Redline Racing 0 1 0 1



  • Final

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    Robertson / Gilmour

    Final of Match Cup Russia – a Trans-Tasman clash: champion Phil Robertson vs Sam Gilmour. Race 1: Gilmour locked into favoured leeward in pre-start. Robertson OCS, recalled. But comes straight back, gets puff and goes over the top of Gilmour halfway down first downwind. Robertson claims the first race! Split gates at bottom Robertson extends 12 lengths on upwind but Gilmour eats that up on 2nd downwind. Robertson great defensive upwind. Phil Robertson looks ahead as he flies a hull. 1-0 Phil Robertson v Sam Gilmour. 

    Final, race 2: Robertson masterful multihull match race start leaves Gilmour stalled. It’s never over here on the Neva River, we’ve had 4 seasons, with a 30-knot squall. No mistakes from Robertson. Gilmour closing all the way to the finish, halving the lead on the last upwind. 2-0 to the champion Robertson tied up Gilmour in the current for a wire-to-wire win. “I made bad mistake at start. But we were chopping into them all the way round”. “I taught him everything he knows, I think he’s even stolen our moves.” – Robertson. 

    Final, race 3: Robertson does the nasty thing on the startline. Flies away, game over for Gilmour? Robertson deployed gennaker early and took two boat length lead v Gilmour. Phil Robertson is looking calm at leg 5 of 8 of the final. Sun comes out for Robertson in Neva Bay, St. Petersburg. Champion turning race 3 into exhibition. The gap is almost a minute as they round bottom mark for the last time. Phil Robertson has done it again! Champions! They won Match Cup Australia, they won Match Cup Sweden and they’ve just won Match Cup Russia. Great teamwork by Phil Robertson and crew: Will Tiller, Stewart Dodson and James Wierbowski.

  • Petit Finals

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    Williams / Jerwood 

    First to two wins. Jerwood takes the lead on 2nd downwind but Williams gets puff on the left. Lead to Williams tacking in front of Jerwood who picks up third (boundary) penalty. 1-0 Williams, no mistakes, shuts out Jerwood. 

    Race 2: Williams wins start but Jerwood gybes inside at mark 1 to get a puff and rolls over the top. 1-1 Jerwood sails nice and clean Williams pushed all the way but no puffs, never closer than 4 lengths. 

    Race 3, deciding race to see who takes 3rd place at this regatta. Penalty to Jerwood on the line. Pressing Jerwood but Williams goes right at the first top mark, gets a puff, 3 boat lengths becomes 20. Scoreline 2-1 and 3rd place for Williams as he finished at GKSS Match Cup Sweden last month. A little bit of revenge for Williams who lost to Jerwood 3-0 in SUPER 16 at Match Cup Australia in March.

  • Semi final, Pair 2

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    Robertson / Williams

    Second semi-final: Match Racing World Champion Robertson vs Ian Williams. Collision between Williams and Robertson! Robertson and Williams both hook boundary buoys in pre-start. Crew in the water. Robertson edges start. Collision! Penalty. Blue flag (2 lengths) on Williams. Went into back of Robertson. Second blue flag at end of first downwind for Williams. Can’t say he’s not pushing Robertson hard. Williams gets the shift and takes lead over Robertson. Half a boat length in it! Champion stuff Robertson beats Williams by half a length.

    We thought it would be tight, but.. SF2, race 3: Contact! Robertson penalty. Blue flag (2 lengths) on Williams with 30 secs of pre-start cat & mouse. Williams waiting for advantage to cross startline. Robertson second penalty for not giving way. Small lead for Williams, he gets the shift and takes the lead over but Robertson closes in on the downwind. A length in it as Williams tacks in front of Robertson but gets shift and six lengths clear by top. Game over Robertson. Man overboard and then hook bottom mark for 2 mins. Easy finish Williams, 1-1.

    SF2, race 3: Williams penalised in pre-start but gets the hook on Robertson to minimise loss. Good first upwind for Williams, rolls over the top of Robertson after gybing round right top mark. Boundary penalty for Robertson but sheds quickly and somehow gybes ahead of Williams, controversial! Looks like game over – Robertson goes right at the bottom gate and flies away on last downwind v Williams. 2-1 to Robertson.

    SF2, race 4. Dead even start, right on the line at signal. Williams 2-1 down. These M32 Cats are flying in St. Petersburg! Williams on big heel! Too big… Williams going, up, up, over…capsize? He’s hanging there. Bow-to-bow, did the rigs touch? After agonising hover, like a moth about to die, Williams just saves the capsize. That almost-capsize lost the Brit 10 boat lengths – the final looks a long way away. 3-1 with Robertson into the final. Again. Still unbeaten in M32 this year. No mistakes. 

  • Semi Final, Pair 1

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    Gilmour / Jerwood

    First semi-final: Sam Gilmour vs Matt Jerwood. “There’s going to be fireworks today for sure,” Sam Gilmour. ”We’re going to poke the bear and see what happens,” Matt Jerwood. Matt Jerwood edges the start over Sam Gilmour, bows buried as gennakers deploy. Matt Jerwood 10.5 seconds ahead after the first downwind at the bottom mark v Gilmour. Incredible last beat by Gilmour, gets the shift and crosses ahead of Jerwood, 1-0. 

    SF1, race 2: Jerwood and Gilmour locked together on the startline. Literally. Crew push apart. Start edged by Jerwood. Gilmour pushing. Jerwood gybed first, shut out by Gilmour but penalty! Jerwood take their time, cat & mouse with Gilmour waiting for right spot to re-take lead. Half a boat length in it at the bottom mark. Jerwood takes left gate and gets a shift over Gilmour. That’s 1-1 after Jerwood tacks well ahead of Gilmour and takes it home. 

    SF1, race 3. Clever start by Jerwood leaves Gilmour nowhere to go. Gilmour straight back, overlap.Nothing in it as Jerwood takes right gate after second downwind. Extra gybe Gilmour to go left. 2 boat lengths become 10 as Jerwood sails away on final beat for clear win over Gilmour. 2-1 Jerwood. That’s two in a row for Jerwood over his training partner from Perth, Gilmour, 

    SF1, race 4:Jerwood 2- 1 up shuts out Gilmour completely at the start. 7-length lead is that Jerwood into the final? Luck or brilliant spot?  Gilmour splits left at bottom gate and tacks in front of Jerwood. Gennaker wrap for Jerwood at top mark but roar back on Gilmour on the last downwind. 2-2 Gilmour level it after going right at bottom mark and nailing Gilmour on the upwind. SF1, race 5. The decider. Nothing separating these two Perth teams Gilmour and Jerwood 2-2. Heartbreaker for Jerwood, stuck at start, literally splitting pin end mark between two hulls. Plain sailing now. 150m lead. 3-2 Gilmour , after being 2-1 down Jerwood. Sam Gilmour goes into first final against champion Phil Robertson. It’s Australia v New Zealand.

  • Quarter Final, Pair 2

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    Robertson / Postma

    The big one: Match Racing World Champion Phil Robertson vs WMRT newcomer this season, Pieter-Jan Postma. Yellow penalty for Postma in pre-start! A great start with gennakers flying won by Robertson, takes 4 boat lengths from Postma. But incredibly Postma rolls over Robertson to windward – bigger top speeds of 20 knots in this race. Penalty! Yellow flag! Pieter-Jan Postma could have tacked earlier there. 1-0 Phil Robertson, no mistakes after retaking the lead v Pieter-Jan Postma. Top speed of 23.4 knots! Those M32 cats were flying.

    Postma looking for revenge after Robertson won 3-1 in SF of GKSS Match Cup Sweden in July. Race 2: Robertson wins the start and takes 2 length lead over Postma. Postma gets the puff but can’t pass Robertson. Wind shifting. They split gates at bottom mark. Postma in touch but Robertson stretching 100m ahead after gybing into last downwind. No way back for Postma. Robertson 2-0 up and that’s going to be tough to overturn. Matchpoint for Robertson leading 2-0 over Postma. Here comes race 3. Postma wins start holding Robertson as he tried to come over the top. Great work. 1.5 length lead. Postma extending away on the first beat with 6 length lead over Robertson. It’s a MUST WIN for PJ Postma. Incredible comback by Robertson, cuts 150m lead to 20m on the final downwind. PJ Postma takes his first victory against the World Champion Phil Robertson. Postma tacks just in front of 

    Robertson and holds  2-length lead in tense finish. 8 seconds in it. Replay of their semi-final. Robertson went 2-0 up Postma got 1 back before losing 3-1.

    Race 4: Penalty! Blue flag on Postma with 45 seconds of pre-start v Robertson. Postma wins start but has to drop back because of penalty. Robertson into the lead. Postma gybes early after first mark and flies into 5-length lead over Robertson. Robertson apologises to his crew for late gybe, he got nothing on the right. Postma extends. But Robertson right back on the upwind gybes around top mark 3 lengths behind on Postma. Disaster! Robertson hooks the bottom mark and Postma sails away to 100m+ lead. Massive win for Postma. That’s 2-2 against the Match Racing World Champion Phil Robertson.

    Race 5: Horrible start for Postma, Robertson luffs him and Postma is facing the wrong way. Postma nearly 200m behind Robertson after the first beat. Postma needs a miracle on the Neva River to beat Robertson from here. There’s a reason Match Racing World Champion Phil Robertson is unbeaten in the M32s. Massive win in all senses. Robertson 3 – 2 Postma

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