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WMRT Match Cup Russia

WMRT Match Cup Russia

1 Robertson CHINA ONE NINGBO 1 1 1 3
2 Gilmour NEPTUNE RACING 0 0 0 0

Petit Final

1 Williams GAC PINDAR 1 0 1 2
2 Jerwood Redline Racing 0 1 0 1



  • Quarter Final, Pair 3

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    Williams / Warrer

    Ian Williams favourite on paper Vs. Jonas Warrer. Great start by Williams completely shuts out Jonas Warrer who is left pointing the wrong way. Williams over the line 1.2 seconds after the signal, favourite vs Aarhus Innovator 33.2 seconds. Not a race after that, Williams just sails away and wins by 37 seconds. Massive. Aarhus Innovator got away with bad starts in qualifying and lost all 3 in SUPER 16 but won’t v Williams. Williams 1-0 vs Warrer.

    Course being shifted a couple of times, but much more stable conditions than yesterday. 10-12 knots southwesterly. A messy start for Warrer and Williams. Penalty! Blue flag for Williams at the start. Contact at start – Williams couldn’t decide whether to go above or below Warrer and parked by pin. Incredible comeback by Williams, goes right on the last top mark and gets the puff. 2-0 for Williams. Lead changes 3 times on final downwind but Danish lose out.

    Strategy in action from 6-time World Match Racing Champion Williams. They talked about top mark before race. Matchpoint for Williams leading 2-0 over Jonas Warrer. But Jonas Warrer makes a perfect start! Two lengths over Ian Williams. Warrer holds off Williams and gets green flag at bottom mark, but Williams tacks in front on the first beat. Ian Williams makes the most of ‘juicy puffs’ and secures a lead change. Wind up and down. Warrer 5 lengths down and tries to split right at last bottom mark. Williams sails away. Clean sweep 3-0 for Williams over Warrer. Warrer had big opportunities in last 2 races.

    Williams 3 – 0 Warrer.

  • Quarter Final, Pair 4

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    Holmberg / Jerwood

    Second quarter-final: Måns Holmberg vs Matt Jerwood, who had a day off yesterday. Måns Holmberg makes a great start in a tight space, almost on beach vs Matt Jerwood. Holmberg squeezes in to leeward but Matt Jerwood got a puff and sails over the top of him. Matt Jerwood 1-0 “Holmberg had us on toast at the start, but we took the puff.” Great tacking by RPMRacing, no stall.

    Måns Holmberg penalised at the start of race 2. Matt Jerwood luffs and Holmberg doesn’t stay clear. Matt Jerwood gets immediate 50m lead and extends to 100m, Måns Holmberg keeps closing on the upwinds. Jerwood completes solid win. That’s 2-0 over Måns Holmberg.

    Swede was always pressing, but no mistake from Jerwood. Holmberg needed a great start and he got it – and this holds onto it against Matt Jerwood. Holmberg extends lead to almost 100m on first downwind. Goes soft. The current is dragging Jerwood sideways. Jerwood 150m lead going into bottom mark for last time and then hook it. Holmberg back to 2-1.

    Holmberg 2-1 down still after great win. Needs a start. Disaster! OCS. v Jerwood. Jerwood was unbeatable from here in first two races but Holmberg is coming back! Here comes Holmberg, takes Jerwood as they round mark at end of first upwind. Incredible! Jerwood flying back on second downwind, noses ahead but Holmberg gybes ahead of him at bottom mark. Brilliant by Holmberg, holds off upwind charge by Jerwood. That’s the match of the morning! 2-2.

    Holmberg OCS at the start! v Jerwood. Unforced disaster. Has that cost him a SF place? Jerwood hooks the buoy on the first downwind with Holmberg closing… But Jerwood holds on. Holmberg doesn’t get around him…That’s got to hurt. Jerwood in control from there. No way back for Holmberg.

    Jerwood 3 – 2 Holmberg.

  • Quarter Final, Pair 1

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    Guichard / Gilmour

    1-0 to Guichard as they kept extending and never let Gilmour back in. Big win.

    Yann Guichard has beaten Sam Gilmour in two previous rounds. Great riposte from Sam Gilmour in race 2 pulling trigger on start v Yann Guichard. Gilmour edges ahead from start, Guichard came right back on the first upwind. Gilmour stay slick under pressure from Guichard and extend lead to over 100m on final upwind, 1-1.

    Race 3: Gilmour edges flying start for second time in a row against Guichard. Gilmour holding off Guichard as they come back in a biblical downpour. Gilmour take it.

    2-1 Gilmour over Guichard – is there an upset on the cards here? Rain stopped play whilst course being shifted. Guichard matchpoint down puts in aggressive start. Too aggressive. OCS Vs. Gilmour. That’s cost Guichard 100m and they can’t find a way back against Gilmour. Running out of racetrack. 3-1 Gilmour, that’s a big one. First into semi-finals. Not unbelievable shock, but upset v Guichard. Gilmour clan will be proud of that one.

    Gilmour 3 – 1 Guichard.

  • Super 16, Pair 8

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    Gilmour / Edegran

    Australia’s Sam Gilmour lead off the line against America’s Markus Edegran (E11even Racing). Edegran almost capsizes! Mostly 5-7 knots but shows how big these puffs are. No mistakes from Sam Gilmour 1-0.

    Out of nowhere, Edegran nearly capsizes. Sam Gilmour and Markus Edegran neck-and-neck off a flying start, but Gilmour penalised for not keeping clear. Have to give two lengths. But Gilmour’s crew are too slick. Australia’s Gilmour decided to sail without the gennaker and take it 2-0 over America’s Edegran.

    Gilmour 1-0 Edegran

  • Super 16, Pair 5

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    Serezhkin / Holmberg

    Big home win for Russia’s Viktor Serezhkin against Sweden’s Måns Holmberg 1-0. Serezhkin OCS at start but turns 80m deficit to 50m lead, picks up puff gybing on final downwind.

    Russia’s Viktor Serezhkin penalised 15 seconds before the start against Sweden’s Måns Holmberg who has to win this. Holmberg and Serezhkin battle the current in the Neva River adds another tricky factor to the conditions. Holmberg round leeward gate with solid lead. But Serezhin faster, keeps coming back. Serezhkin (Gazprom Team Russia) gets penalised for colliding with Holmberg trying to gybe inside him. 1-1.

    The decider between Serezhkin and Holmberg. Holmberg takes 3-length lead from puff at start as Serezhkin overheels. Serezhkin looks to have advantage after Holmberg yellow flagged for contact – not allowing space gybing around mark. But local hearts broken as Holmberg gets the puff charges back and wins by 50m to take it 2-1 and head into QF. Serezhkin 1-1 Holmberg

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