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WMRT Match Cup Russia

WMRT Match Cup Russia

1 Robertson CHINA ONE NINGBO 1 1 1 3
2 Gilmour NEPTUNE RACING 0 0 0 0

Petit Final

1 Williams GAC PINDAR 1 0 1 2
2 Jerwood Redline Racing 0 1 0 1



  • Super 16, Pair 6

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    Dackhammar / Warrer

    Sweden’s Nicklas Dackhammar gets the edge on Denmark’s Jonas Warrer at the start. Dackhammar and Warrer get their hulls flying off the line. Dackhammar 3 boat lengths ahead, Warrer coming back on the downwind, but Dackhammar stops Warrer hooking him. Closest race so far, Warrer faster, Dackhammar better positionally and holds on by 2 boat lengths on line 1-0. Jonas Warrer needs to win this one against Nicklas Dackhammar. 0-1 down. But Dackhammar rolls him and hits the line with the precision-timing of a watchmaker. Two lengths up. Warrer doesn’t follow Dackhammar, goes right at the leeward gate and crosses in front. But Warrer get the puff and gybes ahead 1-1. Another tight one. Slow start but Dackhammar gets the right shift and pulls out five lengths in seconds. But just as quickly reversed as Dackhammar stalls on the tack and Warrer rounds him at the Leeward gate. Dackhmamar then yellow-flagged and Warrer had easy second half for a clear 2-1 win to complete the QF lineup. “You just have to be in the right place at the right time,” Warrer said.

  • Super 16, Pair 1

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    Guichard / Wosinski

    1-0 to Yann Guichard in a non-contest as Lukasz Wosinski gets caught in a buoy mark in the pre-start.

    Much better start by Wosinski against Guichard 2nd time around. There is such a premium on starts in these 6-minute races. Wosinski qualified through the Sail-Off earlier, Guichard as the top seed in the qualifiers. Wosinski in control, but stalls and rolled by Guichard gybing round the final mark, massive lead reversed Guichard 2-0 Wosinski.

  • Super 16, Pair 3

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    Williams / Delle Karth

    Austria’s Nico Delle Karth shut out at the start by Briton’s Ian Williams who luffs and goes. Delle Karth gets the puff and they are bow-to-bow after rounding bottom mark, but sails into a hole (wind + current) and parks it. It’s 1-0 to Williams after he tacks on top of Delle Karth and is not caught from there.

    2-0 to Williams as he goes into the quarter-finals after beating Nico Delle Karth. This time Williams had to do it the hard way and reel in Delle Karth. Confusion reigned as Williams penalised as gybes ahead of DK at mark. Delle Karth thought he’d been penalised too.

    Williams 2 – 0 Delle Karth.

  • Super 16, Pair 2

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    Postma / Kling

    Holland’s Pieter-Jan Postma wins start, but Sweden’s Kim Kling gets the puff, sails over the top. They take opposite sides at bottom mark and Postma get the first puff on upwind and pulled away to win. 1-0. “We’re looking at the flags around us and at the water and trying to make the most of the info,” As if to emphasise, Postma parks up 7 seconds before the start of his second race against Kim Kling. Kling stayed to windward and flew away, lead by 2 boat lengths at first mark and Postma never in hunt. 1-1. Looked like another stall again with 15 seconds to go by Postma against Kim Kling. But PJ goes over top. Bow-to-bow, Kling edges ahead, but Postma rolls him as Kling tries to luff. Postma 4 boat lengths clear. Postma goes into QF to face Match Racing World Champion, Phil Robertson. Postma 2-1 Kling.

  • Super 16, Pair 7

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    Thomas / Robertson

    A consummate wire-to-wire victory for Phil Robertson over Steve Thomas. 2-2 with one race to go. All the races after this will be first to 2 wins (rather than 3) in order to get back on schedule. Steve Thomas was three boat lengths down after Phil Robertson’s flying start. Thomas found a puff, but no way back. He led 2-0 yesterday, but Phil Robertson takes another wire-to-wire win. Thomas just closed out at start, Phil Robertson master of these shifty winds and currents. Didn’t park up once. 3-2.

    “Stevie put up a good fight, pretty pleased to come back from 2-0 down, but more relieved than anything” – Phil Robertson

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