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WMRT Match Cup Russia

WMRT Match Cup Russia

1 Robertson CHINA ONE NINGBO 1 1 1 3
2 Gilmour NEPTUNE RACING 0 0 0 0

Petit Final

1 Williams GAC PINDAR 1 0 1 2
2 Jerwood Redline Racing 0 1 0 1



  • Qualifying Sail-Off 2

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    Wosinski / Neugodnikov

    After winning the all-Russian first Sail-Off against Evgeny Elfimov (M1 Cloud) 2-0, Evgeny Neugodnikov (Team Tavatuy) was 1-0 down to Polish skipper, Lukasz Wosinski (Delphia Sailing Team) when sailing ended for the day yesterday. Neugodnikov, with only five days of racing experience in the M32, led Wosinski during the race at times but an ever improving Wosinski had the overall grasp on the race. “We are not here to win this regatta.” Commented Wosinski when looking ahead at his day. “It is about the team improving and about getting to know these boats. That is what we came here to do.”

    Today, Poland’s Lukasz Wosinski gets the puff to complete 2-0 win over Evgeny Neugodnikov in 2nd Sail-Off, into SUPER 16.

  • Super 16, Pair 7

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    Phil Robertson (CHINAone Ningbo)

    “We’ve had a few days like that, I guess nothing so…it built pretty quick and fast and with very steep chop, so pretty challenging to get the boats to attack and get them moving again. That was a crucial part of the day, very top-end survival stuff. It’s definitely a day when you’ve got to take it right back to basics and I think we didn’t nail that a few times., we were probably pushing the boat a little bit too hard and putting it out of position by doing that. It was all about positioning and being smart about your sailing and not pushing when you didn’t have to. A challenging day. 

    We won the last race, we survived and we’re feeling a bit more confident in what we’re doing. It doesn’t really matter to be honest coming in or staying out, but I think it is quite nice to put an end to the day and start again fresh tomorrow. It’s going to be completely different, it’s a new location, zero wind pretty much and a lot of current. It’s a different race course and a new day. 

    I know the venue fairly well, but the one thing I do know about it is that it can be extremely random, it’s a bit of a lucky racecourse. 

    I think you always find that there will be one pretty tough match-up in the SUPER 16 and for we got Stevie and he’s a very good sailor and competitor. We raced him in Perth and we got him 3-1, but it’s no walk in the park when you’re racing Stevie, not surprised it’s at this point.”

    Steve Thomas (RPM Racing)

    “It was pretty fresh to start with, there was a good bit of breeze, so, I think that sort of levelled the playing field a little bit for our team because it became less about match racing and more just about sailing the boats, which is what we really needed to be able to compete with Phil in any races. The first start we got a little bit of a last minute hook on him which made him do a slow tack. The second start, he got the better of us, we were a bit hesitant to do the last minute hook, so we each went our own way but we got the first gybe in, which put us in the lead and from there we were able to hold him off. And then the last one it was quite windy, probably on the limit of the boat handling for the amount of sail area we had. 

    There was a breakdown or something. 

    By the start of the third race the breeze was up and we were on the edge, we’re a new team and we got into a few hairy moments round the race track but even in the pre-start where we playing catch-up the whole race. At times we’d have a good tack and he’d have a bad one and we’d get closer, and the next one we’d have a bad one and he’d have a good one. It was really close racing, all three matches were close. We were sort of lucky that the first two went our way. There was one bad tack in it. In the last two races the margin was a couple of boat lengths.

    He got quite close to getting a piece of us at the last top mark and we did almost the same in the last race. 

    It was boat-handling day more than a match racing one. 

    In these conditions even a good team can still make those handling errors and because of the boundaries you don’t the get freedom to tack where you’d like to all the time, so there’s a bit more chance involved with the waves. Tacking in a flat spot is really advantageous to tacking in a bad move on the boundary, where you’re forced to turn. We were just playing the ‘keep it clean’ approach and that was enough luckily. The lighter breeze, where the match racing comes more into play, might give Phil the edge back.”

  • Super 16, Pair 4

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    Jerwood / Barkow


    Matt Jerwood (Redline Racing) beat Sally Barkow (Team Magenta 32) 3-0 and is through to the quarter-finals. The Australian skipper showed timing, speed and control to lead off the start and win all three races from wire to wire.

    “It was pretty nuclear out there,” Jerwood said. “I’m not surprised they’ve come in. We made some really good starts and after that it was mostly a boat-handling race and the guys did really well getting it round the track and I was just hanging on for dear life. (These conditions) turn the intensity up. If you’re fleet racing in these conditions you tend to not do too many maneouvres but the boundaries force you to gybe, they force the boats together. It’s harder to bear away and tack, so boat-handling is the premium.

    Sally Barkow said: “It was full-on. Difficult for everybody. We picked up a bit more in the last race. For us it’s the small things, the nuances of a new team together. We’re taking good things from each race, but we need to more of it. They’ve been doing a lot of match-racing together, a full winter of training and have had the same team for the whole season, we have to respect that.”

  • Qualifying Sail-Off 1

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    Evgeny Neugodnikov (Team Tavatuy) won the first Sail-Off, an all-Russian affair, against Evgeny Elfimov (M1 Cloud) 2-0. The more experienced Neugodnikov, the European match racing champion in 2008, snatched victory on the line in the first race. Elfimov had led most of the way but in westerlies gusting up to 24 knots decided not to deploy their gennaker on the final run, Neugodnikov deployed his late and won by a metre. “We thought the Sail-Off was only once race,” Elfimov said. “So, we weren’t quite ready for the second race.” He was late into the start zone and was penalised and a second penlaty on the first upwind put the race beyond him.

  • Group 1, Qualifying Session 2

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    Viktor Serezhkin (Gazprom Team Russia)

    “We started a lot better than yesterday. The crew work was good, my team were amazing. The wind conditions were perfect.”


    Phil Robertson (ChinaONE Ningbo)

    “We had a bit of a difficult day, but it’s good, it’s coming to the business side of the regatta, so it’s nice to have a big kick up the arse and make sure we’re switched on for tomorrow. It was a little bit of a tough day, we just didn’t get off the line very well, and that was pretty much it. The standard of the fleet was high enough, which is a good thing, so if you don’t get a good start you’re battling for the top 3 positions, that was us today, fighting around fourth and third.”


    Matt Jerwood (Redline Racing)

    “We didn’t too much different today. I made a mistake on the first start which cost us pretty bad, we would have been launched, first at the first mark we think, but we were over the line. The he last regatta we had bit of a doozy and fell over early hurdle and well sailed by the guy that beat us, but we just want to take it one race at a time.”


    Pieter-Jan Postma (Sailing Team NL)

    “Very happy with the teamwork. We didn’t expect this. We keep pushing, but we’re really pleased to make this rapid progress. We’ve got a great group, we’re extremely sharp on each other, we don’t give each other an inch and building that team is our key. The last race was crucial, but we didn’t know how much before the start, we just thought we need to do well. It was a very strong group, and to beat Phil (Robertson) and (Matt) Jerwood in this fleet – super stoked with that. Really happy with how it’s going and we didn’t expect this yet. We’re ahead of where we thought we’d be. After these two days it’s easy to feel good, but tomorrow is back to basics. In match racing it’s so easy to lose.

    In the last race pin end was favoured, so we needed to choose if you go for the fight on the pin end, which everybody wanted or you give yourself some space. In the last race, I thought it was too crowded at the pin end, so went for some separation and then we charged over the top of that group. We were second at the reaching mark, behind Viktor (Serezhkin), but with a nice free lane. We made a nice couple of tactical decisions at the mark, for instance at the top mark we had a port-starboard and we could easily go for the left but we tacked in front of them. The race was about 12 minutes and about half of the way in, we passed him at the top mark and we then gained and gained. We had great speeds today.”

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