• Champion Survives Scare as Gilmour Makes it Third Time Lucky

    On a day where one big name had already been sunk, Phil Robertson, the Match Racing World Champion, kept his head above water to make it through to the Semifinals Stage of the WMRT Match Cup Russia.

  • Quarter Final, Pair 2

    Robertson / Postma The big one: Match Racing World Champion Phil Robertson vs WMRT newcomer this season, Pieter-Jan Postma. Yellow penalty for Postma in pre-start! A great start with gennakers flying won by Robertson, takes 4 boat lengths from Postma. But incredibly Postma rolls over Robertson to windward – bigger top speeds of 20 knots in this race. Penalty! Yellow

  • Quarter Final, Pair 3

    Williams / Warrer Ian Williams favourite on paper Vs. Jonas Warrer. Great start by Williams completely shuts out Jonas Warrer who is left pointing the wrong way. Williams over the line 1.2 seconds after the signal, favourite vs Aarhus Innovator 33.2 seconds. Not a race after that, Williams just sails away and wins by 37 seconds. Massive. Aarhus Innovator got

  • Quarter Final, Pair 4

    Holmberg / Jerwood Second quarter-final: Måns Holmberg vs Matt Jerwood, who had a day off yesterday. Måns Holmberg makes a great start in a tight space, almost on beach vs Matt Jerwood. Holmberg squeezes in to leeward but Matt Jerwood got a puff and sails over the top of him. Matt Jerwood 1-0 “Holmberg had us on toast at the

  • Quarter Final, Pair 1

    Guichard / Gilmour 1-0 to Guichard as they kept extending and never let Gilmour back in. Big win. Yann Guichard has beaten Sam Gilmour in two previous rounds. Great riposte from Sam Gilmour in race 2 pulling trigger on start v Yann Guichard. Gilmour edges ahead from start, Guichard came right back on the first upwind. Gilmour stay slick under

  • Super 16, Pair 8

    Gilmour / Edegran Australia’s Sam Gilmour lead off the line against America’s Markus Edegran (E11even Racing). Edegran almost capsizes! Mostly 5-7 knots but shows how big these puffs are. No mistakes from Sam Gilmour 1-0. Out of nowhere, Edegran nearly capsizes. Sam Gilmour and Markus Edegran neck-and-neck off a flying start, but Gilmour penalised for not keeping clear. Have to