• Copenhagen – Daily wrap Day 4

    The daily wrap up video from the fourth day of the Super 16 knockouts.

  • Bjorn Again

    Where to start on a day at World Match Racing Tour Copenhagen that brought so many surprises and upsets? On a sensational day’s racing to whittle the Super Sixteen teams down to the final eight for the Quarter Finals, the biggest surprise came at the end of the day when Bjorn Hansen (SWE), Nautiska Racing, came back from the dead against superior competition.

  • Copenhagen – Daily wrap Day 3

    The daily wrap up video from the third day of qualifying and the 16 knockouts.

  • Berntsson gets upper hand over Barkow in ding-dong battle

    Sally Barkow (USA), Team Magenta 32, was pulled up yesterday for swearing live on camera at the World Match Racing Tour in Copenhagen, so she has resorted to an angry growl as her family-friendly alternative to letting off steam.

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    Copenhagen – Daily wrap Day 2

    The daily wrap up video from the second day of qualifying.

  • WMRT Copenhagen. Denmark, Copenhagen. 10th May 2016.

    Maybe Old Dogs can learn New Cat tricks after all

    For all their many years of experience on the World Match Racing Tour, Johnie Berntsson (SWE), Flux Team, and Bjorn Hansen (SWE), Nautiska Racing were not expected to make it very far this week in Copenhagen.