• Super 16, Pair 7

    Thomas / Robertson A consummate wire-to-wire victory for Phil Robertson over Steve Thomas. 2-2 with one race to go. All the races after this will be first to 2 wins (rather than 3) in order to get back on schedule. Steve Thomas was three boat lengths down after Phil Robertson’s flying start. Thomas found a puff, but no way back.

  • Qualifying Sail-Off 2

    Wosinski / Neugodnikov After winning the all-Russian first Sail-Off against Evgeny Elfimov (M1 Cloud) 2-0, Evgeny Neugodnikov (Team Tavatuy) was 1-0 down to Polish skipper, Lukasz Wosinski (Delphia Sailing Team) when sailing ended for the day yesterday. Neugodnikov, with only five days of racing experience in the M32, led Wosinski during the race at times but an ever improving Wosinski

  • Outsider in cruise control on choppy waters

    A champion on the ropes, an underdog on top and a pitchpole in winds gusting towards 30 knots in St Petersburg – Thursday might have been cut short by the extra large conditions, but it packed a lot in.

  • Super 16, Pair 7

    Phil Robertson (CHINAone Ningbo) “We’ve had a few days like that, I guess nothing so…it built pretty quick and fast and with very steep chop, so pretty challenging to get the boats to attack and get them moving again. That was a crucial part of the day, very top-end survival stuff. It’s definitely a day when you’ve got to take it

  • Super 16, Pair 4

    Jerwood / Barkow   Matt Jerwood (Redline Racing) beat Sally Barkow (Team Magenta 32) 3-0 and is through to the quarter-finals. The Australian skipper showed timing, speed and control to lead off the start and win all three races from wire to wire. “It was pretty nuclear out there,” Jerwood said. “I’m not surprised they’ve come in. We made some

  • Qualifying Sail-Off 1

    Evgeny Neugodnikov (Team Tavatuy) won the first Sail-Off, an all-Russian affair, against Evgeny Elfimov (M1 Cloud) 2-0. The more experienced Neugodnikov, the European match racing champion in 2008, snatched victory on the line in the first race. Elfimov had led most of the way but in westerlies gusting up to 24 knots decided not to deploy their gennaker on the