Petit Finals

Petit Finals
Aug 6th, 2017 Ben Blake

Williams / Jerwood 

First to two wins. Jerwood takes the lead on 2nd downwind but Williams gets puff on the left. Lead to Williams tacking in front of Jerwood who picks up third (boundary) penalty. 1-0 Williams, no mistakes, shuts out Jerwood. 

Race 2: Williams wins start but Jerwood gybes inside at mark 1 to get a puff and rolls over the top. 1-1 Jerwood sails nice and clean Williams pushed all the way but no puffs, never closer than 4 lengths. 

Race 3, deciding race to see who takes 3rd place at this regatta. Penalty to Jerwood on the line. Pressing Jerwood but Williams goes right at the first top mark, gets a puff, 3 boat lengths becomes 20. Scoreline 2-1 and 3rd place for Williams as he finished at GKSS Match Cup Sweden last month. A little bit of revenge for Williams who lost to Jerwood 3-0 in SUPER 16 at Match Cup Australia in March.