Semi Final, Pair 1

Semi Final, Pair 1
Aug 6th, 2017 Ben Blake

Gilmour / Jerwood

First semi-final: Sam Gilmour vs Matt Jerwood. “There’s going to be fireworks today for sure,” Sam Gilmour. ”We’re going to poke the bear and see what happens,” Matt Jerwood. Matt Jerwood edges the start over Sam Gilmour, bows buried as gennakers deploy. Matt Jerwood 10.5 seconds ahead after the first downwind at the bottom mark v Gilmour. Incredible last beat by Gilmour, gets the shift and crosses ahead of Jerwood, 1-0. 

SF1, race 2: Jerwood and Gilmour locked together on the startline. Literally. Crew push apart. Start edged by Jerwood. Gilmour pushing. Jerwood gybed first, shut out by Gilmour but penalty! Jerwood take their time, cat & mouse with Gilmour waiting for right spot to re-take lead. Half a boat length in it at the bottom mark. Jerwood takes left gate and gets a shift over Gilmour. That’s 1-1 after Jerwood tacks well ahead of Gilmour and takes it home. 

SF1, race 3. Clever start by Jerwood leaves Gilmour nowhere to go. Gilmour straight back, overlap.Nothing in it as Jerwood takes right gate after second downwind. Extra gybe Gilmour to go left. 2 boat lengths become 10 as Jerwood sails away on final beat for clear win over Gilmour. 2-1 Jerwood. That’s two in a row for Jerwood over his training partner from Perth, Gilmour, 

SF1, race 4:Jerwood 2- 1 up shuts out Gilmour completely at the start. 7-length lead is that Jerwood into the final? Luck or brilliant spot?  Gilmour splits left at bottom gate and tacks in front of Jerwood. Gennaker wrap for Jerwood at top mark but roar back on Gilmour on the last downwind. 2-2 Gilmour level it after going right at bottom mark and nailing Gilmour on the upwind. SF1, race 5. The decider. Nothing separating these two Perth teams Gilmour and Jerwood 2-2. Heartbreaker for Jerwood, stuck at start, literally splitting pin end mark between two hulls. Plain sailing now. 150m lead. 3-2 Gilmour , after being 2-1 down Jerwood. Sam Gilmour goes into first final against champion Phil Robertson. It’s Australia v New Zealand.