Super 16, Pair 5

Super 16, Pair 5
Aug 4th, 2017 Ben Blake

Serezhkin / Holmberg

Big home win for Russia’s Viktor Serezhkin against Sweden’s Måns Holmberg 1-0. Serezhkin OCS at start but turns 80m deficit to 50m lead, picks up puff gybing on final downwind.

Russia’s Viktor Serezhkin penalised 15 seconds before the start against Sweden’s Måns Holmberg who has to win this. Holmberg and Serezhkin battle the current in the Neva River adds another tricky factor to the conditions. Holmberg round leeward gate with solid lead. But Serezhin faster, keeps coming back. Serezhkin (Gazprom Team Russia) gets penalised for colliding with Holmberg trying to gybe inside him. 1-1.

The decider between Serezhkin and Holmberg. Holmberg takes 3-length lead from puff at start as Serezhkin overheels. Serezhkin looks to have advantage after Holmberg yellow flagged for contact – not allowing space gybing around mark. But local hearts broken as Holmberg gets the puff charges back and wins by 50m to take it 2-1 and head into QF. Serezhkin 1-1 Holmberg