Yes, all events are free to attend. Please check the event websites for details and any restrictions.

The first WMRT trophy was hand made in 1999 out of Black Jasper by famous fine china and porcelain company, Wedgwood, a global sponsor of the World Match Racing Tour.  A new WMRT Trophy was commissioned by Royal jeweller Garrard & Co. in 2011 made out of sterling silver with gilt and enamel. Garrard also made the famous America’s Cup Trophy.

We have not yet introduced foiling boats to the world tour but we continue to look at the feasibility of using foiling type boats in match racing.

We are always looking to add new events on the World Match Racing Tour. Please contact us at info@wmrt.com or fill out the enquiry form below and we will be happy to speak to you.

We are committed to ensuring that WMRT works towards delivering the highest standards of sustainability initiatives at all its events. We have partnered with World Sailing’s Special Event Sustainability Charter as part of the governing body’s Sustainability Agenda 2030.

As we operate a ‘hosted event’ model at WMRT, all the equipment and boats are supplied by events which avoids us having to ship many containers around the world.

WMRT is an ‘Open’ championship allowing both men and women teams, as well as mixed teams to compete.

There is no age limit to competing at WMRT events.

Each of the events on the World Match Racing Tour are independently organised, so you can contact the events directly for information on how to enter a team.

The number of crew varies at each event depending on the boats which are used. The usual number of crew (including skipper) is 4-5 and some events allow 6 crew.

WMRT is one of the six events granted ‘Special Event’ status by World Sailing. The Tour has a long term license agreement from World Sailing to award the annual [World Sailing] Match Racing World Championship.

On-water umpiring allows umpires to make instant decisions during races and therefore avoid lengthy protest hearings ashore. Penalties can be given to teams during the race so they can be completed before the end of the race. Teams will also try to force penalties on their opponent during a race to gain an advantage.

There are many opportunities to sponsor WMRT at an event level, or as a global partner of WMRT. Please contact us at info@wmrt.com for further information.

Currently match racing is not an Olympic sailing discipline. The last time match racing was in the Olympics was the Women’s match racing at the London 2012 Olympics.

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