Yann Guichard: 

It was a solid day for us. We had a lot of fun on board. I’m so happy to have Sam Goodchild back with the team  after an injury. When you’re fleet racing the key is the start. We were OCS in the first race and we came back from behind to finish second, so it was a good performance. After that we made three really good starts in a row and when you’re not in the pack, it’s not tricky to control the other ones. We had good timing and positioning on the starting line.


Steve Thomas:

I haven’t sailed since Perth back in March, so it’s been a while, but the boys were really excited and we still feel like we’re sailing well even though we haven’t been in the boat. The first race, well, it’s pretty easy when the three boats around you are OCS and you get a little break. When you were out in front it was easy and when you were in the pack it was tricky with the boundaries and all that. 

(Last race, OCS at the start and another penalty for not being the last boat at the first turning mark) We couldn’t slow down fast enough as it turned out, so we ended up getting another penalty. We got a little bit of a break at the bottom of the course, all the boats went left turn and we took the right turn and we got out of phase with the fleet and had our own clear lanes and that got us back into the race pretty quickly.