The qualifying stage finished this morning with Torvar Mirsky, Yann Guichard, Sam Gilmour and Johnie Berntsson finishing in the top 4 respectively, progressing directly to the Quarter Final Stage. The remaining skippers will battle for the 4 remaining spots in the Quarter Final Stage by fighting in the knockout Repechage Stage.


Harry Price had first pick and chose Joachim Aschenbrenner.

Taylor Canfield chose Måns Holmberg, a repeat of the Super 16 Stage knockout from 2017 where Canfield won a tight match up in a 3-0 scoreline which did not reflect the drama on the course.

Next up was Ian Williams who decided he wanted to face American skipper Markus Edegran, only in his 2nd season in WMRT.

That left 10th placed local skipper Nicklas Dackhammar to face-off against Denmark’s Jonas Warrer.


Bring on the knockout stage!