Hönö, Sweden (February 1st, 2017) – Nicolai Sehested is known as the hard hitting, ‘never back down from a good fight’ skipper with the biggest smile. With a new team name (but still same long term sponsor formerly known as Trefor) EWII Racing and Nicolai Sehested from Denmark are back with a Tour Card for the 2017 season of the World Match Racing Tour.

When Sehested throws his hat in the ring, the rest of the teams can be sure that they will have to prepare for an opponent who will stop at nothing in order to reach his goals. The change from the very open and inviting character on dry land is remarkable when his will to win kicks in. Last season the team had a habit of winning the seeding rounds but fall short in the play-offs due to small mistakes. For the coming season the team’s success will be about harnessing the drive to win at every cost whilst minimising mistakes. The team, which consists of a bounty of experience from the Volvo Ocean Race, Extreme Sailing Series and Americas Cup is preparing for their first start of the season in WMRT Match Cup Australia. “I love building a strong team and we have a core crew that genuinely loves what we do and we’re really good friends. We know we have the speed and the boat handling so this year it’s going to be important to get the most out of our potential.” Nicolai Sehested comments and continues, “We love the Tour and only have one goal. To win it all!”

One thing is for sure – Nicolai Sehested has a plan and the other teams will do their best to keep watchful eye on the colourful Dane this season.

WMRT 2017 Tour Card Holder

Name: Nicolai Sehested

Nationality: Danish

Team name: EWII Racing

Yacht Club: Royal Danish Yacht Club

Year of birth: 1989

Result WMRT 2016: 5th place

Nicolai Sehested’s Tour Card is the eighth of 10 WMRT Tour Cards to be announced.