Perth, Australia (March 17th, 2017) – The Steve Thomas machine rolls on, like a steam roller, flattening everything in their path, RPM Racing have now survived two days and eleven races undefeated. They claim to have had a couple of close races, but were able to find a passing lane after bad starts and get out of trouble.

However, they are under no illusion that if they get through to next week’s championship level Match Cup Australia, they will have to raise their game to a whole new level. Taking nothing for granted Thomas commented, “we’ve still got to get through finals and another day’s sailing.”

Talking realistically about the challenges that will face them if they make it through to next week he said, “I think the level will be much, much higher, it will be much closer racing and I think that’s where our boat handling and our speed will get tested a bit more.

“This week we get ourselves out of trouble a little bit too easily with the boat handling, whereas next week those teams will have equal or better boat handling and therefore we won’t be able to get ourselves out of a sticky situation.”

He admitted to having two close races today, one where they were behind at the start, but managed to get back into the game, and also found themselves having to fight off Will Boulden, who threatened them for a while upwind.

Two points behind Thomas is Kiwi George Anyon, who is sailing a very consistent series, and is two points clear of third placed Evan Walker from Sydney. Walker has moved up the leaderboard today to put himself in with a possibility of qualifying for next week’s event.

A steady seabreeze filled in early in the morning, and stayed constant throughout the day, making for sparkling conditions on the Swan River’s Freshwater Bay.

The Perth Match Cup concludes tomorrow with the top three finishers qualifying.